When we focus on LOVE… magic happens!

Have you heard about the rice experiment? I love the concept but when I tried it with my neice and nephew a few years ago we didn’t quite get the outcome we were hoping for. BUT, like the people at Rice Love, the disappointment was outweighed by the very important reminder that words do have power. And focusing on LOVE is never ever a bad thing. In fact, love creates magic! There is a beautiful and powerful energy in our bodies when we are in a state of love, gratitude, and joy!

After learning about this experiment I started saying, “love, love, love…” to my animals when we had snuggle time. It brings me present with them and my intention to let them know I love them is present in my mind activating that frequency and energy.

Taking that experience I started putting it into practice if I was heading into a difficult situation or discussing a difficult topic. If I hold the word love in my mind, I stay calmer and more peaceful which I believe helps the outcome. But I slip up constantly ~ it’s difficult to not spin down into the difficulties. So I’m a love magnet in training!

Try making a mantra of LOVE and see what kind of magic happens! See if you become a walking, talking, love magnet!

Also, try creating a piece of art of “love” ~ what does it look like to you? How does it feel while creating it? Um… hummm… it’s glorious! And that my friends is a big part of why I make heart and love art!!!

I paint love into every painting and piece of art I make so when I saw an Instagram contest for #februarylovechallenge2021 I couldn’t believe I had never specifically painted what I felt love looked like. I thought of my husband and how it feels to love him. I entered the “contest” on IG with a post that said…

This is LOVE!

Love is bold, beautiful, messy, complex, and exciting! It can’t be contained within our hearts. Love is every color of the rainbow – at the same time! And when it’s reciprocated it feels like this… MAGIC (to me anyway)

Well… much to my dismay… I didn’t win any prizes! Ha! A couple dancing a tango won??? He did have 56k Instagram followers so my negative mind fights me and wants to be jaded! My positive mind says, “Congratulations, nicely done!” and for now I am content having running commentary from both sides as long as my positive mind gets stronger and stronger and more present.

The contest opened up my thoughts of these 1000 hearts once again. They were just not going away!

This original heart (beneath the silhouette will be one of my 1000 because my husband Doug is one of my examples of deep and loyal love. Maybe he’ll be Heart 1000 for the years (to come) of me completing this project. He was my rock through all 365 apples! Here is my favorite story – only on day 4 – of his support. But the stories are endless so when the time is right he’ll be one of 1000. A very special heart indeed!

Each person, each heart, is me focusing on the magic and energy of love! Thank you Mom for showing me that through you this is part of my future.

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