We Are All Creators!

MidnightBlue digital drawing Jennifer Visscher

You are a creator! You are creative - stop believing you are not. You create every moment of every day. Your thoughts are so powerful and when we recognise that every moment is an opportunity to grasp as a creative being then our world becomes something amazing.

As an artist I hear all the time that someone can't draw or that they don't have a creative bone in their body. I've struggled with how to respond to this belief system. I know I have those feelings about certain things. In 6th grade I was humiliated by my French teacher in front of the entire class. She said, "Genevieve (the French name she gave me) you are a perfect example of how not to do that assignment." And so from that point forward that horrible teacher turned learning languages into something painful. Words hold so much power - we must weild them carefully. 

I understand that perhaps at one point you were doing something creative and you learned (likely from someone else) that you weren't good at it. I'm so sorry. You see... there is no "good or bad" of creativity. Albert Einstein's quote on creativity is one of my favorites. He said...

"Creativity is intelligence having FUN!"

So... how can you use your unique intelligence in a fun way?

My unique intelligence is with color, shape, pattern and so I LOVE to make art. I experiment all the time like in this piece above that I did over 10 years ago with one of the original digital tablets that had no screen and crashed my computer constantly but it was my first attempt at painting digitally and you can see the wild abandon. I created with no thought of the outcome or use of paint and I have a few images from that time that I absolutely adore for these reasons. It's in the letting go that we are in that quantum energy space where the outcomes are unknown and have so many possibilities.

We are made up of possibility - imagine how drastically your life might change if you take on creativity in a new way! My year of Art Apple A Day shifted my life forever. And I know these 1000 connections and hearts will do the same.

To get your creative juices going ~ to find your unique creative expression ~ you might need to exercise your brain a bit and start thinking in possibilities! Enter the zone, the flow, with art. There are lots of apps you can put on your phone or iPad that are free. No one EVER has to see what you created. That's not the point. The point is for you to enter the flow and possibility of your brain when you are creating. Because, we get more of what we focus on!

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