Good Vibes!

Light Love

I have a t-shirt that simply says, "Good Vibes" and I love wearing it! Has it become trite? I guess it has if you don't really understand about "vibes". I didn't - I thought it was a nouveau hippie thing which worked for me but I hadn't really thought much more about it. And then I learned more about Nikola Tesla. Oh what a fascinating inventor and person he was! He said...

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Now that sure got me thinking ~ and yes, I wanted to know!!!!!!

Which is when I stumbled upon this video. This information has had a huge impact on the last few years of my life. It's where I heard about Dr. Emoto's experiments and the power of words and their effect on our energetic frequencies. She also discusses the frequencies of different levels of consciousness from a book called Power Versus Force. It's fascinating!

From this video I started learning more and more about keeping those "Good Vibes" present as much as possible and how those actions affect so much! My family now says "Love and Above" based on the information from this video. When we're sharing something difficult or challenging we are reminding each other to work to keep our frequencies at Love or... above love... in Joy or Peace. Isn't that lovely and beautiful? And guess what? It works. We shift.

So here's to Good Vibes and Love And Above! 

I'll be sharing more about how science and quantum mechanics plays a roll in this project and my views about all of it from a laypersons point of view. Don't miss a heart or post - sign up here for my occasional newsletters. 





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