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This is an idea a long time coming. I originally started this website exactly three years ago ~ November 28, 2018.

Today, November 29, 2021, I officially give it life!

Three years ago about half the site existed but I never shared it and then it sat… and sat… until about a year ago when I stopped paying for the hosting.

It was like it never existed. But I couldn’t stop thinking about why I gave up on it.

Maybe it was the overwhelming thought of 1000 times I was committing to share my thoughts on love, family, and connection through my art. That’s a whole heck of a lot! But… I had done 365 apples in a year so the number wasn’t causing my hesitation. Well, maybe it was a bit. Something just wasn’t gelling. I love using my art in ways that help others. I have a history of this – it makes me happy to share my gift. And this idea just wouldn’t let go.

I get lots and lots of ideas and some come to fruition and some don’t. I love connecting with people on a deeper level. It’s a tricky thing these days. We’ve all become more tentative with others ~ understandably ~ but it has actually been painful for me to have less connection, sharing, and hugs.

I LOVE hugs!

I LOVE being around people to laugh, share, and support one another.

I LOVE the idea of

So… what was my hesitancy? It just hadn’t aligned with my life properly yet… and then it did.

My Mom is my inspiration to finally begin 1000 Hearts of Love. Mom fought cancer for 5 years; she passed away two months ago. She will be ever-present on these pages. So much of her wisdom and way needs to be shared and creating this project from my heart and hers makes me now understand that this project/labor of love/art for good endeavor was meant to happen now and not three years ago. Mom was supposed to be the impetus and inspiration. This is not just my voice and love – it’s hers now too.

So… my Mom, Susan Dye, is my first of one thousand hearts. See her heart and more of the story HERE where I share more of how the pieces came together.

2 thoughts on “Announcing”

    1. Oh Catherine, thank you ~ what a beautiful thing to say. I am trying. Some days it’s more difficult than others that’s for sure but LOVE is the way we accomplish the best things in life so here I am. I will take a tiny bit of our lives intersecting (aren’t we blessed!) – you are pure love too my friend! xoxox

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